About Us

Boulder Idea Works is a new company with itʼ s main offices located in the entrepreneurial rich community of Boulder Colorado. The company was conceived by two individuals who remain dedicated to the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of unique, innovative and proprietary products into markets that range from every business and household to every transport vehicle in North America. With skill in the arts of patent writing as well as patent prosecution, the individuals at Boulder Idea Works remain uniquely qualified to apply for, argue for and secure the Intellectual property rights of

brilliant ideas. Additionally, the individuals at BIW hale from backgrounds saturated with problem solving opportunities which have conditioned themselves to critically look at better ways to address safety, comfort, profitability and convenience for individuals and households as well as countless businesses across North America. BIW has established and maintains constructive relationships with extremely valuable and capable individuals, each skilled in the arts of engineering, foriegn and domestic cargo transportation, graphic design, sales and distribution as well as manufacturing both domestically and in Asia.Who is BIW ?, very simply we are a skilled group of individuals who are combining forces to profoundly innovate and do it in a manner that is clean, green and profitable.

In 2003, one of the founders of Boulder Idea Works made a fascinating discovery in the workshop adjacent to his home in the mountains of Colorado. While completing some of the woodwork for his new solar powered home one late afternoon, he was preparing to use a power tool. His new power system was working properly and in an effort to conserve his Solar batteries for the evening he had only minimal lighting over his work area. The electrical receptacles he needed to plug into had been fitted into the wall under several cabinets near the work bench but were difficult to see due to the gradually increasing darkness. As he attempted to plug in the power tool he became frustrated that he could not make out the detail of the outlet . The simultaneous frustration that he could not see and the sudden vision of what he actually needed erupted into the exclamation: “What I need is a light on the end of this cord!”

In 2003 the other founder of Boulder Idea Works had similar experiences at his audio visual production business. He found himself working with equipment, lighting units, power and sound cables in and around audio visual conferences, sound stages and public events. As he attempted to plug in power cords he consistently became frustrated that he could not see the electrical outlet in these dark places that he needed to plug into. The simultaneous frustration that he could not see and the sudden vision of what he actually needed erupted into the same exclamation: “What I need is a light on the end of this cord!”

Fast forwarding to present day, now that these two individuals have, not only attempted to patent the same invention, they have also teamed up to design, test and manufacture what has become known as The Pluglite. This founder also had the profound experience of standing before a group of individuals at a coffee event on the front range of Colorado to talk about The Pluglite and itʼ s application. He began by asking if “anyone had ever plugged an electrical power cord into a receptacle?”. The reaction was interesting and amusing as everyone seemed to smirk and snort with exclamations like, “of course” and “donʼ t be ridiculous”, it was a bit of a dumb question, but it did get their attention. Everyone in the room was suddenly interested in what the point was. His next question, logically, was: “if anyone in the room ever had to plug in an electrical power cord in the dark?” Again, his observations concluded a seemingly unanimous response as heads were nodding, people were smiling and shaking their heads, apparently recalling their personal locations where they canʼ t see to plug in. “Well,” he exclaimed, “I have solved a problem you did not even know you had”. As he held up some Pluglites and began to pass them around, he announced; “This, ladies and gentleman, is very simply, a flashlight on the end of your cord!, Problem solved”. The response was surprising as everyone seemed to begin talking about their dark outlets and how clever this extremely simple little device was. Well received indeed, some even remarking; “Brilliant”.