• Rancher Discovers The Pluglite

    Posted on December 30, 2010 by in Uncategorized

    Everyone who plugs in an electrical cord needs a bucket of these.  The Pluglites are solving problems at my place I didn’t even know I had.  How is this for a new one… everyone knows they are designed to plug in your cords in the dark,  the dark shop or at night an all.  The fuel gage on my Massey 184-4 doesn’t work.  I needed to know how much fuel I had and all I had was some power tools in the back of my truck…Redneck as it may seem, I grabbed The Pluglite off my Milwaukee drill and was able to look into my tank to see exactly how my diesel was holding out…  I bet ya thats a new one on you folks… I had to write and tell you about it.  I also sent a picture of my baby,  this thing is all wheel drive and is an absolute beast in the winter.   Thanks The Pluglite,  I have my wife hunting another dozen of these units.  GREAT TOOL.

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