• The Pluglite is “Brilliant”!

    Posted on December 23, 2010 by in Loop

    We grew up in a family that designs and builds machinery in the upper Midwest. We just ran across a carton of the Pluglites and fitted them to tools in every shop and service vehicle.  Now, not only can we see the outlet every time we have to plug in a tool,  we now have an extra source of light to use while we are building.  Just yesterday, I dropped a 5/8 fine thread nut and it rolled under our drive carriage.  I couldn’t see and didn’t want to go to the cabinet to grab my big maglite.  2 seconds and I had the pluglite solving my problem.   Bam! Im’ back in business.  It’s a great tool and I’m glad my shop is full of them.    Brilliant Work, great tool. Thanks The Pluglite

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