• Medical Equipment Dealer Won’t Go to Work Without The Pluglite!

    Posted on January 11, 2011 by in Uncategorized

    We buy and sell medical equipment and end up shipping and/or delivering it all over the world.  We have discovered The Pluglite and it’s little brother The Universalite and can not say enough about how it helps us do our work.  With our constant testing and appraisals of equipment we seem to be using The Pluglite on an hourly basis lighting up not only the power receptacles but the internals on the equipment as well.   At delivery, people even ask us for some of the Pluglites to put on their other equipment.  I understand this product is patented and is going to hit the retail market like a freight train.  We say great job The Pluglite!  We plan on giving a few to every customer at each delivery. … You guys make us look real good at what we do.

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