• Generac Generator Owners Perfect their Alternative Power Systems With The Pluglite!

    Posted on January 9, 2011 by in Uncategorized

    Those of us who own stand by generators are advised that the last thing we need to complete our systems is a collection of these new devices called The Pluglite and The Universalite.  Very simply, they attach to any AC plug and instantly fortify it with it’s own light source which functions to illuminate any outlet or receptacle so the cord and plug can safely be plugged in.  They seem to be loved and used by just about everyone who can see and uses electricity.  Numerous reports have come in that detail the use of these devices to not only plug cords in but to diagnose electrical failures as well as find a safe pathways through darkened areas.  It seems a brilliant invention and well worthy of our careful consideration.   Thanks The Pluglite your products are adding to our safety and quality of life.

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