• Colorado Transport Company Owner Touts The Pluglite as “A good tool for our Guys”

    Posted on January 5, 2011 by in Testimonials

    Our boys are haulin all over the western half of the state right now and when they have to start their trucks cold they get real grouchy.  They all have The Pluglite now and it seems pluggin in after work just got a lot easier.  Not only can you find the damn outlet now you can also see where the plug in ended up in the slush and crap on the front end of the trucks.   Billy Ray even checked the water in his radiator with one of these damn things.  It’s a good tool for us, we put them on every cord and then about 4 extra in every truck.   Boys in the shop use them too.   I think a few went home too if you know what I mean.  What ever… it keeps em working and happy.   Thanks The Pluglite.

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