• 4th Grader Saves the Day with The Pluglite!

    Posted on January 4, 2011 by in Testimonials

    While traveling over the mountain this summer we decided to pull over and watch the sun set.  It was simply gorgeous, that is until the sun was down and we discovered that we had dropped the Blazer keys in the tall grass, and didn’t have a flashlight.    As we frantically turned the Truck upside down looking for some kind of light our son Ben found the bag of The Pluglites we had just gotten that afternoon.  ”Will this help ?” he shouted as he held one up and turned on the light.  ”Like manna from heaven” we responded as we found the keys and got back underway.  When asked about his role in saving the day all Ben said was ” I just opened the bag and there they were.”  Thanks to Ben and The pluglite, we didn’t have to spend the night on the mountain.  Great product for all sorts of reasons.  Thanks The Pluglite.

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